Procedure: Step 1: Let me know what is in your mind about the painting, and send me digital photos through email if necessary. After some back and forth emails, I will give you an accurate price quote if I’m confident that I can do a good job for you. Step 2: For commission painting, normally I charge 50% of full price of the painting as a prepaid non-refundable deposit before starting to work on the painting. For convenience, full amount may be charged for small paintings with total value of $125 or less. You will receive a confirmation email from me once the payment is received and a rough date of when to expect to see the digital photo of the painting.  Step 3: I will send you digital photo once the painting is done. After the painting is approved by you (or I can do some retouch on request if necessary), I will request another 50% of the full price plus estimated postage cost before shipping. Normally it will take about  two months from sending me your first payment to receiving your painting.

Bellow is  a general price list I currently charge for commission painting. The price of a specific painting is subject to the complexity of subject matter. Please email me for an accurate price quot for a specific painting. 10% discount will be applied to commission of THREE or more paintings(paintings must be combine shipped). Thanks for your interest!

4×4, 4×5 inches, $60

5×5, 4×6  inches, $75

6×6 or 5×7 inches, $95

6×8 or 5×9 inches, $125

8×8 or 6×10 inches, $160

8×10 inches, $195

10×10 or 9×12 inches, $235

11×14 or 12×12 inches, $280

12×16 or 14×14 inches, $320

14x 18  or 16×16 inches, $365

16×20 or 18×18 inches, $400

18×24 inches, $450

24×24 inches, $505

24×30 inches, $570

30×30 or 24×36 inches, $670

30×36 inches, $795

40×36 inches, $930

The price is in US dollar. For other sizes, please contact me for pricing.

 Shipping: An estimated postage cost may be charged in addition to paintings’ price.