I use Epson archival ink with a fade resistance of 50+ years and Epson premium quality archival paper to produce the best quality Giclée prints.  The size of images may vary from 5×5…6×6…to 8×10 inches etc. depending on size of the oringal painting and resolution of the available digital file. How to order prints:  You can order from my ebay listings. Or copy and past the title of the print which you like to order into the text box below and then click the “add-to-cart” to add a print to shopping cart. Do the same to order additional print. Your shopping cart will appear in the lower right area of the page. The price of print is $6.50/each currently. Paypal payment or personal check are accepted. Shipping fee is $ 4.90 for any amount of prints to continental US. Please click the second “add to cart” button below to add shipping fee. 

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