About me
Art has been a long journey for me since I started my formal training back in middle school many years ago. I was born in China and received my bachelor and my first master’s degree in Education of Fine Art in my home country.  I had been working as a fine art teacher and a graphic designer in a university in China before moving to the United States in 2001.  I have been living in Us and Canada since then. I received my MFA in fine art (major in painting, studio art) in Florida State University in the summer of 2005. Starting from 2006, I began to make painting my full time job and have been enjoying doing what I really love every day. Since then, I have been selling my art works to hundreds of domestic and international art collectors, and I’m proud of the fact that I have sold over two thousand pieces of my works over the past few years. I also teach small group or private lessons in my studio, please contact me if you are interested and you are in the local area.

In my painting, I am mainly concerned with capturing the light, order and beauty of simplicity of common objects in realistic style with impressionistic and painterly touch of light and colors. My work reflects an imagination that “feels” the joyfulness of still life or landscape from inside out. Subjects I paint come from my own personal experiences and observations. I hope to transform the simplicity of common objects into paintings which are emotionally rich and expressive.

About my daily paintings and materials:

Inspired by the daily painting practice/movement, I began a daily painting practice in Jan 2008. Most of the paintings are in small format from 4″x4″ to 9″x12″, painted with alla prima technique. I post just a few small oil paintings per week, and most of the paintings are sold by auction or directly on my website.
Materials: For years, I have been consistently looking for the best painting materials suitable for my personal style and needs. As a professional painter, having good quality materials is top priority. Currently I find that a combination of the following brands, material and support surfaces work perfectly for my painting needs.
I use only artist grade oil paints from some of well known brands such as Winsor & Newton, old Holland and Williamsburg handmade oils, and I use standard linseed oil combined with turpentine as medium. For surface support, I like to make my own triple gessoed or oil primed panels for cost but mostly for quality reasons. I find that triple primed hardboard is a perfect fit for my small format paintings. It is lightweight and provides durability and archival permanence.